Code of Conduct:

Offer various kind of machine to create new values. Create the best outcome to customers by team work. Overall annealing proves our excellent quality. Concentration in spirit with perfect control.

Quality Management

Quality is and always has been the life on an enterprise. Survival of the fittest in natural selection. If we said the water is a origin of life, an enterprise has been survived by quality control. We always carry out high quality standard from equipment design, installation, to sales service.

Research & Development

Turn the wheel of technology EXALT GROUP integrate Taiwan, China and overseas technical teams of Plastic Industry. We continuously boost technical and strategic alliances with Germany ,America and European partners, devote to research and development. We obtained many domestic and international patents and certificates of innovation from local government.

EXALT GROUP was initiated in 1968 and has become a leading manufacturer of Calender Lines and relative equipment, as well as a renowned operation turnkey supplier to the Plastic Industry. We provides marketing analysis, financing, design, manufacturing, installation, training and upgrading service. We also supply OEM service for local and overseas customers, and successfully expanded to photo electricity and holographic machinery market. 。

During the past 40 years, we have constantly insisted on the same objective to make high level and internationalized exquisite equipment.
In recent years, Shanghai Forward continuously boosts technical and strategic alliances with German companies to make our equipment comply with European standard. We not only attained international patents, but also attained technology certificate from Shanghai government.

We provide broad range of services and profits to our customers with our professional technology and profuse experience. EXALT GROUP devotion to R&D led to successful transformation from a regular machinery supplier to a recognized manufacturer than can meet the stringent demands of the optoelectronic and electronic industries.



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